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GF0360-light cheese petite cake

GF0360-light cheese petite cake
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avoid the sinessfulness of cheese cake with our speciality light cheese comes in assorted flavours size is

- blueberry cheesecake
- strawberry cheesecake
- cheesecake original
- peach cheesecake
- kiwi cheesecake
- oreo cheesecake
- chocolate cheesecake
- coffee cheesecake


Light Cheese Cakes

By definition, the term "light", "light-style" or "lite-style" can only be applied to cheeses that have a 25% or more reduction in milk fat content compared to their "regular" counterparts.

The range of these light (or lite) varieties of Canadian cheeses is growing – but there is a drawback. Light cheeses are simply not as flavourful and as satisfying as the cheeses they're meant to replace. This is because butterfat plays a major role in a cheese's texture, and because it contains the components that make up that cheese's unique flavour.

Reduce the butterfat by a significant amount, and the cheese tends to become rubbery in texture and less flavourful, so keep in mind that "light" cheeses are somewhat less flavourful. This is because butterfat contains the components that make up the cheese's flavour. For those who would not otherwise eat cheese, however, low-fat varieties are an excellent option.

How to enjoy them?

In most cases, you can simply substitute "light" Canadian cheeses for their regular counterparts.

How are they made?

They are processed the same way as regular cheese but with a lower milk fat content.

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